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As a valued customer in NetcroHosting secure network, your sites will be among the most protected DDoS in the industry Miami.

More than 7,000 Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks occur every day, hurting businesses with hours of inactivity and potentially millions of dollars. A DDoS attack against a client can put many more at risk, therefore, you should feel protected by your infrastructure provider. Many companies offer DDoS mitigation, but they are limited to large volumetric and application layer attacks. Now, dedicated server and placement owners will have the ability to protect themselves against any attack, regardless of size.

NetcroHosting offers three types of DDoS protection: cloud-based traffic debugging, local online mitigation of Arbor Network, and hybrid protection in the cloud. With Arbor, your device is inside our facilities for online protection. When the Arbor device detects irregular traffic, our team moves the affected subnet and starts filtering. With our Cloud Scrubbing service, ALL traffic is filtered through one of our several GRE tunnels. Our Hybrid DDoS is unique for its performance based on "always on" protection. Read on to see more about the differences for each service.

Arbor Networks Enterprise DDoS Protection

Arbor Networks Enterprise DDoS Protection - Data Center

The DDoS protection of NetcroHosting business hardware is online, actually within the data center, so it sees little or no added latency even when mitigation is taking place actively. With reverse proxy mitigation, your traffic is exported to a third-party provider and then redirected to your host once it has been cleaned up. There is nothing of that with this service. Your legitimate as well as illegitimate traffic enters the same place on our network and the attack traffic is filtered, leaving only the legitimate traffic flowing to and from your server.

Once a server is placed behind our DDoS Protection hardware, it begins to learn "normal" traffic patterns and then can more accurately detect the anomalous traffic and start filtering, if necessary. In addition to the learned behavior of the hardware itself, NetcroHosting Network Engineers can also create custom rule sets to filter out any known global threats. Arbor provides Netcrohosting with real-time information about known global threats using its ATLAS program (Active Threat Level Analysis System).

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