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If you remember your password, click Password and Security in the user menu to navigate to the Password and Security Interface cPanel (Home >> Preferences >> Password and Security). If you have forgotten your password, your hosting provider can reset it for you at WHM. You can also reset your password by email if your web host allows the reset of the email password set in the WHM of the Tweak Settings interface.
Each time a DNS record is changed there is a period of up to 72 hours of propagation during which the information is propagated through the servers. After DNS propagation is over, DNS changes check your operations should be working properly.
Yes, this is possible and you need the function ID to protect your domain name. When you ask for it will hide all your personal information for WHOIS queries. You can request an identification to protect yourself from your Client Space -> Request Tools -> Domain ID Protection.
When the DNS records have been changed it takes approximately 24 hours for the changes to propagate and become effective. Only after that you will be able to see the result of the DNS changes you have made. If after 24 hours the DNS change has not yet come into effect, try clearing the browser cache. To resolve a domain name to an IP address without having to wait for the DNS change to propagate, you can modify the hosts file. Important! When you change domain name servers, all advanced records (A-records, CNAME-records, MX records, SRV-records, etc.) would resolve to the DNS zone of the provider whose name servers you are configuring. So, if you are using a custom A or MX record for your needs, it is strongly recommended that you add them into the DNS zone of your new provider in order to ensure minimal downtime and / or propagation.
To manage the Windows installation on your server, you can use Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (RDC). From the Start Menu, select All Programs> Accessories> Communications> Remote Desktop Connection. Enter the IP address of your server. Enter your username and password.
To upload the files that are going to compose our web page we use a system or protocol for the transfer of files called FTP (File Transfer Protocol) which is provided to you at the time of hiring the hosting server. One of the most used programs to upload the files by FTP to the server is the FileZilla that you can download from the official site This program has a very intuitive interface and is easy to use. To configure the FileZilla you will need the following data: Name of the FTP server. Facilitated by hosting server. It is usually of the form where is the domain that is pointing to the server. Username. You can provide it or you can create it in case of being a shared hosting. Password. You can provide it or you can create it in case of being a shared hosting. Server folder. You will be provided with the FTP user.
You can make payments through our Personal or Legal accounts. Credit cards - Fist Century Bank - Additional Payment by Paypal.
Now you can pay your services with credit cards, platform.
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